• Health Functional Food
    & Pharmaceutical

    Eugene-biotech is a leading bio-enterprise that emphasizes research
    and development of bio-products.
  • Bio New Material Research,
    Customized Product Development

    Eugene biotech is a bio R&D venture company, which is supported by KAIST Business incubator.
    We share excellent research skills with our value and vision.
  • Eugene Biotech does our best to develop
    various functional new supplements to help make you healthier.

    Eugene Biotech, through innovation and R&D, discovers and analyses new natural biotech products, materials, and “Health Functional Foods” for greater health.


OATS(B-GLUCAN) Oats contain a large amount of cellulose, called beta-glucan, it is rich in protein and vitamin B
FELIZ MACA Portable healthy functional food, the Maca comes from the Andes Mts. In Peru
MACA (Lepidium meyenii Walpers) Maca contains various physiological functional substances such as alkaloid, steroid, tannin and saponin.
DOCTOR WELLBEING PREMIUM Keep your body balanced! Healthy Detox for healthy life!